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Conch Charters Optional Extras

26/08/2022Conch ChartersNews

Conch Charters Optional Extras

Make your bareboat charter your own with Conch Charters Optional Extras. From check-out skippers to easy WiFi, Conch Charters Optional Extras to add to your charter for a truly memorable experience.

Before your charter

Optional Cancellation Plan

We want all our guests to have the best sailing charter in the BVI, starting from the time you book your charter. Book with Conch-fidence with our brand new Optional Conch Charters Cancellation Plan. For a one-time fee of $200, you will be entitled to our expanded, flexible rescheduling terms. The Optional Conch Charters Cancellation Plan must be purchased at the time of booking. Read more here

Sleep aboard

All of our charters run from noon the first day until noon of your last day. A very popular option is to sleep aboard your vessel the night before your charter is due to start. With many flights and ferries not arriving until later in the day, sleeping aboard the night before will mean you do not lose a day of your charter due to travel!

During your charter


Pre-book a WiFi router for working remotely, staying in touch with family and friends, and social media. Take advantage of our introductory, discounted WiFi rates of $14.99/day by pre-booking at the time of booking your charter. WiFi must be purchased for the length of your charter.

Upgraded Cooler

Add an additional upgraded cooler to your charter to keep your ice frozen and drinks ice-cold for longer. Rent a Yeti (or similar) cooler 65 Qrt cooler for $80/charter. Pre-book to reserve as we have limited availability.

Check-out Skipper

Hire a professional skipper for the first day of your charter to teach you and your crew how to sail your charter yacht safely. They charge $225 per day and will not spend the night on board. Tips are expected.

Conch Charters Optional Extras are subject to availability upon request. Please speak to Ian, Bernadette, Hazelle, or Rasika to add Optional Extras to your charter.