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We understand that everyone on board will have different requirements and expectations for provisioning so summarized below are a few companies on island that can help! Whether you are planning on dining out every night or cooking on board under the stars, here are some options that may interest you.

Order in advance for delivery

With so many things to do on your first day, tick one off the list by placing an order in advance for provisions! You can shop online with one of the companies below and they will then deliver the provisions to your boat once you arrive.

At the bottom of this page check out a few hints of things to remember when placing a provisioning order!

Other Provisioning Providers

Self Provisioning

Self provisioning is quickly becoming the most popular option for provisioning.

There are a few large grocery stores in town, the most popular being RiteWay, a 10 minute drive from our base. Our grocery stores are typically open from 7am – 10pm everyday, excluding Sunday, when they’re generally open from 7am – 9pm.

Self provisioning gives you the option to browse through all items available and choose specifically what you want. With self provisioning, you are also able to take advantage of any promotional or special offers the store is running at that particular time.

Last Minute Items

If you have forgotten one or two items, or just don’t want to take the 10 minute drive to the larger grocery stores in the area, there is a smaller RiteWay grocery store just a 3-minute walk from our base. This is fantastic for those last minute or forgotten items! Whether you require more drinking water or an extra bag of chips just before you set off on your charter, it’s never far away.

A few things to remember

  • The water onboard your boat is not suitable for drinking, we recommend one gallon of water per person per day.
  • We recommend only provisioning for 3-5days at the most to make sure you are consuming the freshest ingredients.
  • There are many options for re-provisioning along the way; we will be happy to point them out to you during your chart briefing!
  • Orders for delivery; Any advanced orders being delivered please be sure they are under the same name as your charter reservation and that you will be on board your boat to receive them.
  • When emailing in a provisions order, be sure that you get a confirmation email otherwise it is not always guaranteed that the company has received your order!
  • Take a look at the equipment list so that you know the basics on board first!
  • Please check with the office staff about the fuel for your barbeque grill.
  • As a wise person once said, “Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.. For up to date advice on provisioning, please contact our friendly office team who will be delighted to help!