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More reasons why you should charter with Conch Charters

Are you tired of the hassles and headaches that often come with planning and executing a sailing trip? At Conch Charters, we understand that convenience is key to a truly enjoyable sailing experience.

We call this our "Conch-cept". We work effortless to address every pain point and ensure your journey is as smooth and effortless as possible.

Here's how the "Conch-cept" offers unmatched convenience. With every charter, we offer:

BVI Mobile Phone with $20 Credit: Stay connected effortlessly with our provided BVI mobile phone and credit, ensuring you're always reachable in case of emergencies or to share your adventures with loved ones.

Standard Cooler with 2 Bags of Ice: Keep your beverages cold and refreshing with our supplied cooler and ice, so you can enjoy chilled drinks wherever your sailing adventures take you.

Outboard Fuel: No need to waste time and energy sourcing fuel for your dinghy – we provide it for you, saving you valuable time and ensuring uninterrupted adventures.

Welcome Package: From the moment you step aboard, we pamper you with a welcome package featuring Conch Superior Rum and refreshing water, setting the tone for relaxation and enjoyment.

Onboard Linens for All Cabins: Travel light and worry-free knowing that fresh linens await you in every cabin, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep every night.

12’ Dinghy with 9.8HP Outboard: Explore your surroundings effortlessly with our complimentary dinghy and powerful outboard motor, allowing you to access secluded spots and hidden gems with ease.

Propane Gas: Enjoy home-cooked meals onboard without the hassle of propane refills. We've got your cooking needs covered, so you can focus on savoring delicious meals with breathtaking views.

Full Water Tanks: Your boat's water tanks will be filled prior to your arrival, and you can top off water before you set off from our docks.

Snorkel Gear: Dive into the underwater wonders of the BVI without the hassle of travelling with bulky snorkel masks and fins. Just find the right size from our dock boxes prior to departure.

Marine Grade Tablet with Navionics Included: Navigate with confidence using our marine-grade tablet featuring Navionics, ensuring you never lose your way and can easily explore new horizons.

Binoculars (On Request): Spot that prime mooring ball from afar with our complimentary binoculars, available upon request to enhance your sightseeing experience.

Pilot Service On and Off Docks: Our personal pilot service ensures seamless transitions on and off docks, giving you a stress free charter start and charter end.

Free Usage of Our Mooring Balls: Enjoy the convenience and security of our mooring balls at any point during your charter.

Don't let inconvenience dampen your sailing dreams – experience the "Conchcept" today and enjoy the ultimate in convenience and relaxation on the open seas!

Remember if you have charterer with anyone else, you have missed the "Conchcept"!