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Of Pirates and islets

April 17, 2022Conch ChartersNews

Three hundred years ago, Black Sam Bellamy aka Prince of Pirates was based in the BVI’s Trellis Bay on “Blanco Islet”. For much of his very short but wildly successful campaign of piracy in 1716 and 1717, Bellamy used this islet, which was named Blanco Islet at the time, as his base of operations, while crew members used the protection of Trellis Bay to maintain their fleet of ships.

Bellamy soon learned that from Blanco, as well as from nearby Sprat Point, ships could be seen sailing through the Sir Francis Drake Channel. His favorite prey were Spanish Galleons laden with treasure intended for the exclusive use of the King and Queen of Spain.

More recently, the island was home to The Last Resort Restaurant and Bar.