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The BVI is home to a huge array of wildlife – whether it’s snorkeling on our beautiful coral reefs spotting fish or identifying the various birds flying high in the sky, you will be amazed with the diversity the BVI has to offer.

Humpback Whales are commonly seen in the BVI from February to late March as they migrate through on their way to warmer waters. They’re smart, they come south for winter! If you’re snorkeling or scuba diving listen out for them communicating, their eerie song can be heard up to 10 miles away!

As you sail quietly along, look out for Dolphins playing in your bow wake! Bottle nose dolphins are the most commonly seen in the BVI and there is never just one, these playful mammals are very social creatures and travel in a group (or pod!).

Did you know that the BVI has recently been designated a Shark & Ray sanctuary? Some 3933 square miles of territorial waters have been assigned as a sanctuary for Sharks & Rays, banning commercial fishing. The BVI is only the third region in the Caribbean to declare this safe haven, the other two being the Bahamas and Honduras.

Green and Hawksbill Turtles are commonly seen in the BVI waters and there are several beaches where they are known to nest and lay their eggs. Whether it’s sunning themselves on the surface as you sail past or munching on some sponges underwater, we would be surprised if you didn’t see one!

As you sit and relax enjoying drinks on the beach, watch pelicans dive into the shallows chasing the smaller fish.

Wildlife Spotting
Wildlife Spotting Wildlife Spotting
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