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Sailing is the #1 thing to do in the BVI

Each and every year, sailors from all around the world flock to the BVI to explore the 60+ Islands & Cayes.

The BVI has consistent winds, clear blue waters, sunshine almost every day and islands close enough to navigate by sight – all of these things make the BVI paradise for any sailor.

The Caribbean Tradewinds blow predominately Easterly 10-20 knots, often stronger in the winter months.

Charter a sail boat to discover the stunning vistas and the chance to swim, snorkel or scuba dive the many coral reefs right off the back of your boat. You will find an incredible variety in the BVI among the many islands- a vacation based on a sail boat will give you the freedom to plan your own itinerary.

If you’re land based in the BVI there are many day sail options available so you don’t miss out!

Check out our suggested sailing itineraries to help with planning your next trip!

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