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BVI Travel Updates

Base hours

The office is open 8 am until 5 pm, 7 days a week. If you arrive after hours, look for directions to your boat on the door sign posted on our front office door. Your yacht will be plugged into shore power, the lights, cabin fans, refrigeration and air conditioning (if you boat has it) will be left on. The Pub is usually open for dinner and drinks, it is easily within crawling distance of your yacht!

Time zone

The BVI is 4 hours GMT.

Language and Currency

The language of the British Virgin Islands is English, the official currency is the US Dollars.

Marina Facilities

Conch Charters is based at Fort Burt Marina. The Marina offers restrooms and showers, ice, fuel and water dock. Conch Charters offers free dock WiFi for its guests which is available in the front office. The Pub Bar & Restaurant are right next door and offer mean pain-killers cocktails and cheesy pizzas.

Cruising Area

Sailing lanes are generally open; however, the National Parks Trust protects a number of reefs and sailing areas.

Cruising Area Restrictions

It is strictly forbidden to sail alone, we require a two-persons minimum on board.


All the charts you will need for the sailing area will be on board your yacht.

Nighttime Sailing

You must be moored at least one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise. Night time sailing is not allowed.


Fuel and water services are normally found at: Nanny Cay, Sopers Hole, Leverick Bay, Bitter End Yacht Club and Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour. Other outlets that provide water, ice and a wide variety of provisions can be found at Cane Garden Bay, Trellis Bay, Jost Van Dyke, and other locations throughout the islands.

Passport and visas

Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and for six months after your return. Your passport name must match the name on the flight ticket otherwise you may not be able to travel and insurance may be invalid. If you wish to sail to the US Virgin Islands during your yacht charter you must have a US Visa and a return flight ticket to your country of origin if you are not a US Citizen.

It is your responsibility to ensure relevant visas are obtained where necessary. Conch Charters cannot be held responsible for the refusal of entry or travel due to a lack of visas. If you are in any doubt please contact your Embassy for full details.

You must fill in a Customs Declaration Form on entry to The BVI, whether you arrive by sea or air. Please note country entry/exit requirements are subject to change. Please check for the latest information before you leave. Conch Charters is not accountable for any requirement changes.

Customs + immigration

Before leaving the airport, you will have to clear Immigration and Customs. A landing card will be given to you on the plane, along with a Customs declaration form. It is not possible to take fresh food into most Caribbean islands and airlines will assume no liability for perishable articles that may be confiscated by Customs.

On departure from Tortola by ferry a tax of $20 US per person will be charged please organize departure tax payment prior to getting in line at the departure gate. Departure tax at the airport is generally included in your ticket price.

Passengers travelling by air from the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport incur the following fees totaling $50.00 on departure. Said fees are generally included in the ticket price of the airlines registered with IATA.

  • Departure Tax - $15.00
  • Security Fee - $5.00
  • Airport Development Fee - $30.00

For those airlines (Charter Operators) not registered with IATA the fees are payable at the Cashiers Window situated to the right of the airlines Check-in Counter area on the first floor of the terminal building. Make sure to get your receipt which is required to proceed through Security. Additionally, visitors arriving by air or sea incur an Environmental and Tourism Levy of US$10 on arrival.

Luggage + packing list

We would highly recommend packing prescription medicine, eye wear, and essential clothing (swimsuit, t-shirt, and shorts) in your hand luggage as occasionally your luggage may arrive at the base after you do. Please pack using soft-sided bags, as these are easier to store on your yacht. A small storage space is available at the base which can be used to store luggage while on charter.


Cool boxes are available at the base at no additional charge for each charter. Only one cool box per yacht. Additional Yeti-Coolers can be rented by pre-booking.

Mobile phones

We provide a local mobile phone with $20 credit. Outgoing calls costs $0.30/min, which allows about an hour of talktime. This phone cannot be used for data.

Music + iPods

All boats are fitted with a radio and CD player or Bluetooth stereo systems.


The standard voltage on all yachts is 12 volts. We provide a 500W inverter, suitable for charging small mobile devices whilst underway.

DVD / Internet / GPS packages

If you need to stay in touch for work or social, you can rent a WiFi router from us. Prices start from $14.99/night. Please speak to a member of the Office Gang for more information and to pre-book.


Yes, ferries are operating in both directions.Please book ferry tickets as soon as possible as ferry capacity will be limited to allow social distancing. 

Links to ferry services:

Our taxi service (Sebastian’s) can meet you at either the airport or the ferry terminal to bring you to our base. Costs are $13pp from the airport (minimum charge $30) and $6pp from the Road Town Ferry Terminal.

New taxi regulations mean that the taxi must be pre-booked by yourself, you can do this at this link: Please take a copy of your booking with you for the taxi dispatcher on arrival.

Pre-order your provisions: As per BVI Government protocols for unvaccinated and partially-vaccinated visitors, you must pre-order your provisions to your yacht before you arrive on the island. You have loads of options from supermarkets to specialists grocery providers. You can find more information here.

We recommend pre-ordering your provisions, regardless of your vaccination status. This will help you get off our docks quicker.

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